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We are fostering a community of curious minds over the metaverse, where humanity's greatest moments, folklores and mythologies can be explored

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Inspiring collections

of the metaverse

We collaborate with talented artists, bringing to life mankind's history & folklores. Our purpose is to enable people around the world, celebrate our kind's greatest moments through inspiring colorful art-collections


Our Realms

Browse some of our hottest collections, as we race to bring culture into the metaverse

Collect mankind's greatest heroes, inspiring inventors and menacing dictators in this groundbreaking collection of historical moments

Unleash mythology.

Discover the ancient oath of the Genie, the wrath the Olympian gods and the wonders of cultural folklore

Drop - May 15th

Explore the modern era, unlocking technological progress, leading to both global conflict and tremendous acts of valor 

Drop - June 2023
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Mankind's voyage begins here

It will take the world's best talent to build the metaverse


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