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We Are Smite

Pioneering the metaverse, by harnessing the tapestry of human cultures

Smite has been spearheading digital entertainment for more than a decade, crafting some of the internet most iconic games and experiences.


In this groundbreaking moment of digital history, with the birth of the blockchain, the metaverse and NFTS, we are harnessing all of our talent and grit to bring people around the world a fascinating glimpse into human history, folklore and culture.

We are fascinated with what makes us humans; our leaders, our inventions, our myths and even our modern habits that make us into what we are. 

We collaborate with some of the most talented people out there, so we can bring people the colorful tapestry of mankind 

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A culture of giving


We aim to bring humanity's greatest stories to the world; history, myth, folklore and modern culture fascinate us! Our aim is to using digital art


We believe the metaverse can become a reflection of our world; We share 1% of our profits with artists & makers in underserved neighborhoods


We believe truth has many faces, depending on one's life-philosophy; we donate 1% of our profits to schools & young pupils in underserved communities


We believe that thriving economies are the key to solve global poverty; we share (we prefer "Invest") 1% of our profits with merchants in underserved populations 

Where we are

Our Studio in New York, São Paulo  & Tel-Aviv

We work with digital artists from around the world, so it's really not about location. If you have a stylus, some talent and tons of imagination, we can collaborate to create the next generation of digital collections :)


We’d Love to Work With You

If you are fascinated by what we do, and the encounter between humanity and its culture is in your veins, please send us a note. We are on a constant release of new collections into the metaverse

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